Jardine Lloyd Thompson


JLT is one of the world’s largest providers of insurance and employee benefits related advice, brokerage and associated services. Our client proposition is built upon our deep specialist knowledge, client advocacy, tailored advice and service excellence. Together, we place our clients first, champion independent thinking and expect to be judged on the results we deliver.

JLT owns offices in 35 territories with some 8,300 employees, supported by the JLT International Network, enabling us to offer risk management and employee benefit solutions in 135 countries.

The JLT/RisqWorx relationship was initially formed in 1998 when JLT approached RisqWorx to develop a bespoke risk profiling application to match the requirements of their client. This product was marketed under the name “RiskTrack” and managed by Richard Edgar.

Working with Peter Hacker who is the Head of Communications Technology and Media Practice at JLT, we focused on the telecommunications market sector. RisqWorx represented JLT at several conference’s e.g. JLT Solutions – Taking the High Ground